CEO, and owner, of Asphalt Consultants, Monty Gelwix got his start in the road business managing Morris Shea Bridge company’s field office in 1974. Within 2 years, Monty became thier job superintendent for bridge projects and expansions for Martin Marietta Aggregate. Monty followed that with a list of project superintendent assignments and leadership roles for ST Bunn Construction, Warrior Asphalt, and Hunt Oil Company.

Asphalt Consultants was founded in 1994 and soon became a prominent emulsion and asphalt supplier for leading pavers throughout the southeast. Clients still include: ST Bunn Construction, Ergon, APAC, Dunn Construction, Good Hope, and Wiregrass.

Enthusiasm for parking lot restorations and asphalt preservation grew as a result for the demand for higher quality surface restoration and a longer lasting life for the investments businesses were making in parking lot facilities and entrance ways.
Investments in state-of-the-art application machinery and paint spraying equipment soon followed. Within a year the sealcoating division of Asphalt Consultants had become an industry leader characteristic of the highest quality work using only the best products on the market. Today, our crews cover the southeastern United States with base operations located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Machine application and paint sprayed striping with economical pricing makes our company unique in its field. Estimates and consultations are free so be sure to capitalize on quality, economics, and superior expertise.

We only use asphalt based products for seal coating which contains no carcinogens ( that cause cancer) unlike Coal Tar which is very toxic and dangerous to not only the people that work with it but also anyone that comes in contact with it for the life of the product. We use asphalt based sealcoating because we care about our employees, the environment, and our clients.


Through the years the trucking division grew based on clients growing needs of our products and the flexibility required to achieve the best product delivered at the best time for the client.

Trucking of liquid asphalt, asphalt emulsions, food grade liquids, along with other products, continues to grow each year. Our commitment to our clients and safety sets us apart and allow us to look to the future with continued growth.

Safety and Customer service come first for our clients and our drivers. We take pride in supporting our Drivers of both Hazmat and Non-Hazmat products. Today, with regulations changing along with clients’ needs, we strive to take care of our clients, whatever their needs may be.

Whether Short or Long Haul, we work with our clients to safely get the job done as economically as possible. Join our long list of satisfied clients and we will exceed your expectations.


We sell only the best products that we can stand behind, so our relationships with our refineries and manufacturers is very important. Contact us to see how we can help you with Asphalt Emulsion Tack Coat products. We offer premium, water-based tack coat specially formulated for 5 Gallon buckets that are shelf stable and are ideal for small paving or patching jobs that do not require distributor truck. For larger jobs, we offer by the tanker load in bulk with transfer, drop tankers for large road construction and paving jobs, or pick up at our plant at your convenience.

Our main products are Trackless Tack (CRS-1H) and Semi-Trackless Tack (CBC-1HT), both of which are DOT approved for prime, joint, and tack coat applications.

As always, we provide technical assistance in selecting the right materials for your application and give support in field if needed.

Our Mission: “To provide our clients the highest quality products installed by educated technicians, with excellent customer service and safety standards.”